Getting Started…

So you finally did it. You’ve graduated college and became the big hot shot programmer that you always believed your dad wanted you to. You breeze through the training material and are handed your first real assignment.

Add some arbitrary change to this website

You think to yourself, “Hey I solved the bin packing problem all in C and created a compiler from scratch using only core Java libraries. This sounds easy enough”. So you dive right in.

Only until now you realize you didn’t learn how to do any of this in college. You were too busy being an academic and, therefore, better than all of your friends. So you hop on to your favorite search engine and quickly find yourself entering the most embarrassing search queries possible.

How could you, a solid 3.06 GPA student, struggle to find the simplest of answers in your infinite array of computer science knowledge? It can be humbling. It may be overwhelming. It willbe frustrating.

But don’t worry, many others have been exactly where you are and succeeded, and you will too. Others (myself included) find themselves searching the internet for a quick answer to an easy (read: stupid) question on a daily basis. And that’s how you ended up here. I won’t claim to know everything there is to know about development, but chances are I’ve ran in to a similar issue as you, and hopefully you can learn from me as much as I’ve learned from others.